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 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

How does The Luxury Picnic work?
We arrive at your location 2 to 3 hours in advance to set up. We will have everything set up and ready for you to enjoy. We will return at the agreed time to clean up our set up.
Where do you do the set-ups?
Anywhere you wish! We can set-up at your home, in your backyard or at one of our suggested locations.
What happens if the weather is bad?
Unfortunately the weather is out of our control and in the hands of the 'Weather Gods'. If the weather happens to be unfavorable, we are more than happy to reschedule (subject to availability) and as long as we are notified 48 hrs prior to the picnic. We are always happy to change the location of your picnic and move you inside! Strictly no outdoor picnics in forecasted wet weather.
Do the Sassy & Fancy Girls staff stay during the picnic? 
Once our luxury picnic staff is finished setting up your luxury picnic and made sure you have everything you need, we leave and won't come back until your picnic event is over. We generally are not too far from the area, so please feel free to contact your assigned picnic coordinator by phone or text in case there is an emergency. We want to make sure your event goes smoothly.
What do we do when we are finished?
We will return at the arranged time to pack up the set up. Until this time you are responsible for the items. If you would like to end or leave earlier than the agreed time, please contact your assigned picnic coordinator. 
What is the time limit?
Our picnic times are two hours but can be extended at the cost of $150 per hour. Please contact us for more information.
What if I'm running late?
Please let us know as soon as you know if you are delayed. As we may have a number of events scheduled that day, a late fee will be charged if you are running late. 0-20 mins no charge, after 20 mins $30, 45 mins $60, an hour or more $100 and we have the right to pack up the picnic without any refund. Please also note that your two hour picnic time starts from the original agreed time whether you are late or not.
How does payment work?
A $100 deposit is required to secure your booking. You will be invoiced 5 days prior to your event date. The remaining balance is due 2 business days prior to your event. 
Can I DIY?
Unfortunately not. Due to the delicate nature of the items and fragility, we do not offer this service.
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